A Day of My Life Creating Art

There are days when I create art where I see lines and colors perform on the canvas. Like a rhythm of sound from the heart. Tones from nature coming to life. Rich layers of paint, watercolor, oil, or acrylic I arrange together.

Painting a Field of Calla Lilies
An Artist Painting en Plein Air at Big Sur

In the video I captured below, I felt as if I was flying with the birds. And while editing that scene during post productions with a computer and Final Cut Pro, I witnessed the nature in me merging from my heart to the computer. I felt as if I was playing a musical instrument, with eyes closed, jamming with the keyboard, inventing ways of seeing art on the canvas.

When I create, the camera or brush is held similar to a baton waving in the air through a conductor leading a concert hall filled with musicians. Sometimes I see myself waking in and out of a dream while the creative process is happening.

For five years, I spent many hours at the museum (The Art Institute of Chicago). Passing by living works of art by the great masters. I would stand in front of Monet’s gardens learning about his compositions and his style. Or learn how color interact with each other. After many pages of writing and upon graduation my vision was ready to transcend to the outer world. It was time to travel with nature for fresh ideas.

While in Monterey, I have been volunteering with Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP) by creating videos about life in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. I also help individuals and private companies who find producing movies impossible.

James Krueger partners in the videos I create by hosting and narrating. He interprets with ASL and sign language so everyone can understand our stories. He is working with students on a one to one basis, and does workshops with groups learning about accessibility using technology at the Apple store.

Marlene Krueger, 2018

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