Marlene Krueger began as an artist creating miniature sculptures and watercolor landscape paintings when her mom allowed her to use the materials as a baby.

In grade school her art teachers loved her work and would hold on to her landscape and portrait paintings for life. As she got older she was interested in creating images with film, photography, and paints, mixing her art with acrylics, clay and oils. In high school she volunteered as an art tudor for her fellow classmates.

Moving forward she went to the Art Institute of Chicago and received a BFA in studio, performance arts and art education. She started teaching and held workshops on creating art and light sculptures with motors and found objects. She holds a California State Teaching Credential, Art K – 12, and teaches a spectrum of art mediums with students of all ages in grade school, high school and college.

Marlene also volunteers by producing shows for Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP) about life in the Monterey Bay, where she shares stories about the life in the Central Coast. She also spends time helping individuals and private companies who find producing movies impossible.

As a co-producer for the shows,  James Krueger manages to host and narrate many of the video projects written by Marlene. He interprets with ASL and sign language and is also a mentor who had taught math and science in Chicago where they met. He now works with students on a one to one basis, and does workshops with groups learning about software programs and accessibility at the Apple store.