The Vision

The vision in me is a play of lines and colors performing on the canvas. It’s a rhythm of moving sounds from the heart, with tones from nature coming to life. From there I mimic the vision with rich layers of paint, watercolor, oil, or acrylic, arranged with found objects. I could create art anywhere. Whether in the middle of a thousand calla lilies or high above cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Painting a Field of Calla Lilies
An Artist Painting en Plein Air at Big Sur

In the video below, I felt as if I was flying with the birds. Capturing every move they make over thunderous waves with my camera. And when I edit that scene during post productions with Final Cut Pro, I witness my vision and nature in me emerging from my heart to the computer. I felt as if I was playing a musical instrument, with eyes closed, behind the keyboard, inventing ways of seeing art on the canvas.

While in Monterey, I have been volunteering with Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP) by creating videos about life in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary as much as I can. I’m here to write about life growing up in the Central Coast. While here, I share what I’ve learned throughout my life, and the transformations that occurred while at the Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied for five years.



Art as I’ve understood more deeply was taught conceptually at the School of the Art Intutute of Chicago (SAIC). I would spend countless hours at the museum, the Art Institute of Chicago. There I’d see living works of art by the great masters. There were Monet’s gardens where I studied about composition, color and style. There were paintings by Seurat, abstracts from Hoffman, to name a few. Something to write about. More of my experiences later.

When I graduated, and wrote pages after pages of art and its history through the ages, my vision was ready to transcend to the outer world. It was time to travel with nature for fresh ideas. 

James Krueger partners in the videos I create by hosting and narrating. He interprets with ASL and sign language so everyone can understand our stories. He is working with students on a one to one basis, and does workshops with groups learning about accessibility using technology at the Apple store.

Marlene Krueger, 2018

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