Painting with Oils

While it is challenging to work with oil paints, as it takes time to dry, it is beneficial when you are working on a painting with texture and layers using a palette knife.

Here is a  replica I created of Monet’s “Irises in Claude Monet’s Garden”. It’s a study with complimentary colors, light, and thick paint strokes. I used the palette knife from the start to the end of the painting. Each stroke has a message copied from within my being. And the strokes have a thickness from one to five millimeters.

I remember when I was a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, we were encouraged to study from the great masters. Many of the masters painted with oils, had temperaments, and had enough energy painting outdoors. Monet experimented light and color and how color interacted with each other.. After he completed his paintings, he destroyed them in a bonfire. His paintings portrayed a system he planned to express in his paintings. This helped me see  the artist’s style during an art movement in history.

Impressionist Painting Study by Marlene M. KruegerStudy by Marlene M. Krueger of Monet’s Irises

In addition to working with oil paints, I am able to spend more time experimenting with various lighting effects outdoors, “en Plein Air” as the French would say for outdoor, or painting outdoor.

Close-up painting of the study for Monet's Impressionist painting.
Painting of a study for Monet’s Iris Garden as rendered by Marlene M. Krueger

I remember my formative years of painting. When my mother saw my potential in the arts, she decided to buy a set of oil paints. They came in a wooden box, with tubes of different colors that can create millions of other colors. She got paint brushes in different sizes, palette knives, linseed oil, thinner to clean the paints, etc. I was more than excited and painted subject matters that I loved. These paintings didn’t last long on the walls of my mother’s living room. As they were instant sellers.

Marlene Krueger painting at a calle lily valley by the beach at sunset
Painting an Outdoor Scene Big Sur

Watercolor Painting

I love the fluidity of watercolor. To me, it mimics the flow of a river, or a stream from my hand to the canvas. The pigments are raw, natural, earthy in texture like the roads I’ve taken from childhood to now. In the future I will revisit my experience with watercolors and have that documented on a video. Stay tuned.

Painting with Acrylics

I do paintings with acrylic whenever I need to take a break from oil painting. There are many pros with acrylics. One that it dries faster. This is great when you want a painting to be completed soon. The con. We have to work faster than we would with oils. I plan to do a demo on acrylic paints. Have that timed to see how fast they dry. Stay tuned as well.

There is much more for me to share. Everyday we see a new vision within each and everyone of us. And here we can study them from within.

Hope you enjoyed this page and thank you for watching. Please come back for my lesson on seascape painting. I will most likely post a video of this lesson on Facebook and Youtube.


Until then,

Marlene Krueger