I gravitate to this medium often as I playfully splash colors, such as at a beach with much activity or a garden as active as the voids in a Monet painting.

Impressionist Study by Marlene M. Krueger
A Monet Impressionist Study by Marlene M. Krueger


Close-up of the study for Monet's Impressionist painting.
Close-up of the study for Monet’s Impressionist painting as rendered by Marlene M. Krueger


Painting in Oil, Watercolor and Acrylics

These methods can mimic nature so well in capturing the very essence of the nature I see within me.

In painting with oils I see true colors manifest from my imagination, my dreams, flowing right before my eyes. I love the texture, the thickness that are  produced with paints, where the audience can touch and feel what it is I feel. I have painted with watercolors and love the raw, natural, earthy texture which mimic the roads I’ve taken from childhood to now.  Water color paints allow a fluid stream through my hand and on to the canvas. Acrylic paints are good when I want to make a bold statement without mixing colors.