Photography From Monterey to Big Sur

We took a relaxing day trip starting from the Monterey Bay Area. Our favorite place was Point Lobos, where we decided to walk around and take photographs.

At Point Lobos there were great photography everywhere you turned. Here alone we spent hours taking snapshots with an iPhone 7, and Canon 5D Mark II.

The iPhone7 was convenient, lightweight, and appears to be taking professional quality shots. With a lightweight device, the climb up steep hills to capture a bird’s-eye view of the area wasn’t as difficult.

The Canon 5D, Mark II took great wildlife images with the telephoto lens attached. This allowed me to capture great close-up shots of crashing waves and wildlife in flight from a safe distance. As seen in the photo gallery below.

The photos I took of the sunset at Point Lobos was taken with the Canon 5D Mark II. The photos taken with the iPhone 7s came out equally beautiful.

Have you ever been intrigued with the thought of visiting Point Lobos? Well if you happen to head out on a weekend, be aware of the traffic. When you pass Carmel, keep driving south on Highway 1. In about five miles, you will see a sign on the right at the entrance of the Point Lobos Reserve. If you want to park inside, you can drive up to the gate and you’ll see an attendant, perhaps greeting you. Be prepared to pay the admission fee of about 9 to 10 dollars.

Thank you for visiting my site. I will continue with more photography to share, as well as more about art.

Key Hole through a large Rock at Phiefer Beach at Sunset

There are also more photography of the Monterey area on my Facebook link.

Or videos of nature at Youtube

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